Why A Man Wants to Be a Gay Sugar Daddy

A gay sugar daddy is usually a successful and wealthy man who can make a big fortune without working hard. He is rich and his money can make sure that he lives a high quality life. He may get married for a few times with several women, he may have several children from the previous marriages, but he wants to free himself from the one he pretended to be in the past and to date a gay sugar baby who can do everything for him. He doesn’t care if the man he dates is for his money or not, he just wants to show his charm with his money.

He is tired of regular dating
He might experience several marriages when he was young, as well as gay dating with several men. He knows how annoying and troublesome to start a regular and serious relationship with someone. So, he chooses to be a gay sugar daddy and dates a gay sugar baby. Then he will own him by providing accommodation for his date and giving him an allowance. This way, he can have a partner to stay with whenever he wants without the trouble to spare time for a date.

He wants to lead the relationship
He might be in a relationship that was controlled by his date when he was young and he hated that feelings. After he becomes rich, he will choose to be a gay sugar daddy to lead every relationship with a young gay sugar baby. The date will do whatever he asks him to do and will admire him with all his heart. He can decide where to go for a vacation, what to eat for the dinner and when to meet with his gay sugar boy. All he needs to know is that his date will be happy to be with him.

He wants to prove himself with younger man
He can date successful and average-looking women or mature gay man at his age. But his ego and desire force him to be a gay sugar daddy to have relationships with younger sugar boys who won’t be attracted to him without his money. So, why not date a younger gay sugar baby when he is rich and not too old. This will arouse his confidence to prove that he is wealthy and attractive to younger men.